New Year’s Resolution Suggestion

This year is coming to an end and soon we’ll be thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. I didn’t used to believe in them but then one year I made one to eat breakfast every day and you know what? I did! So each year since then I make an effort to come up with one doable resolution. Don’t know what yours will be? I have an idea for you.

Do you menu plan? I do. Well most of the time… Well I try to most of the time.

Menu planning has been known to save me over 50% of my weekly grocery spending each week. All I do is sit down and write up what we’re eating that week. It could look as simple as this:

Simple Menu Plan

A simple menu plan

Either way, just by planning what you’ll eat each week saves you from impulse purchases and buying things you’ll just throw out later. Americans waste a gagillion dollars each year in food… (ok, I don’t know the exact amount but it’s a lot) and in an effort to be less wasteful and save money this coming year, commit to trying menu planning. This was my New Year’s Resolution last year and it has saved us a ton of money. Plus, I don’t have to rack my brain each day trying to come up with something delicious, yet nutritious for us all to enjoy that evening.

So tell me dear friends, what will your resolution be?

Who will be joining me in menu planning in 2012? (pssst… by the way… I’m going to help you come up with ideas so don’t be afraid)


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