Homemade Goodie Bags – Great Gift in a Flash!

Need an inexpensive, fast gift to give neighbors, co-workers and anyone else left on your list? I know it’s not original but I find that a bag of goodies is one of the best gifts. Instead of just making the same old standard here are a few fast recipes to try! Give me an hour and you’ll have a bag worth of goodies that’ll have the Mr hanging around for scraps.

Use my free printable bag topper and you’ve got a fantastic, good lookin bag o’ goodies! Oh and did I mention that these are all crazy easy and delicious… and fast?

Cake Batter Bark (I think this could stand to get more cake batter put into it so don’t be shy to be liberal with the yellow cake mix if you wish!)

Break & Bake Cookies – So if they make tollhouse dough all ready for you… why would you ever make it yourself??? I use these all the time, ask my neighbors.

Chocolate-Caramel Pecan Clusters – a spin off of turtles… but easier.

White Chocolate Popcorn w/ M&M’s – this is my favorite snack to take to parties, why not make little bags?

Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods and/or marshmallows – crazy easy but are so good! Love the salty/sweet

Donut-Hole Snowballs – I kind of just want to make a batch of these for myself… aren’t they pretty??


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