Christmas Traditions – Do you have your own?

Christmas Stockings

What are your traditions?

The other night Bug and I were delivering our goodie bags to the neighbors. (Total aside, at the first house she almost refused to give the bag of cookies away… I’m not entirely certain what she felt was our purpose for carrying over bags of cookies, just to show them off??). Of course as we were delivering the topic of our plans to travel back to our home state of Missouri to visit family came up. I explained that we would be driving back this week and staying through Christmas.

Now I guess I should explain that this is what we’ve always done. Every year we’ve lived out of town we have traveled back to our home state for at least the Christmas holiday if not both Christmas and New Year’s. I’ve always felt that Christmas is a time to be with your family.

Anyway, my neighbor (who incidentally has 2 grown daughters of her own) then mentioned that her daughters have never forgiven her for not starting their own traditions. She told me that they always did what we’re doing, traveled back to see her parents and her husband’s parents. THAT was the tradition. And her daughters wished they had done something on their own as a family… even if just every few years. And it got me thinking, are we doing enough things as a family that my kids will say “we had a tradition that…”?

So this year we had our own family Christmas. We did everything we normally would do on Christmas, but in our own house and it wasn’t technically on Christmas. BUT, my kids got to experience what Christmas would be like in our own house and frankly if you were a kid wouldn’t you just LOVE the idea of TWO Christmas mornings??? They each got to open all their gifts from us and we opened our gifts to each other. I gotta say, it was pretty damn exciting just for me. I freakin love Christmas.

What are your traditions? Have you made sure to start your own and not just do what you were brought up with?

(By the way… spare me with your “gifts are not what Christmas is about, blah, blah” I realize that.)


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