Milk Frother = Deliciousness!

For some reason this year everyone decided I needed a Keurig coffee maker. I had been wanting one to replace my ole Tassimo which was getting a little smelly and old after years of faithfully making me a cup of joe every morning. The K-cups seem to be everywhere and it was becoming increasingly difficult to find those discs for my Tassimo so I made the switch… three times… I got THREE k-cup coffee makers.

So I returned one and got the milk frother accessory. Seriously, awesome. All I do is put in a little milk and turn on the button… voila! Frothy hot milk to add to my coffee!

Ok so I know there are those of you who are serious coffee-philes and are hating on my home cafe solution. Let me tell you, I’m no expert but I do know a great froth… and this puppy does a pretty darn good job. The froth has little if any bubbles and withstands me stirring it very well.

Are you into frothy milk deliciousness?

What did you get for Christmas that you are loving right now?