One Door Closed, Household Hero Opened…

When I think back on this time in my life I hope I regard it as the moment when my life changed permanently.

Let me explain why…

Baby Bug was born in October and I happily welcomed her into the world and went on maternity leave from a company I’ve been with since 2002. I left with a little twinge thinking it’s quite possible that this time (she’s our second child) I may not return to the same situation. But I left nonetheless totally resolved to just cross that bridge when it comes. Then it came. I got a call about halfway through my leave to let me know my job had been eliminated and that upon my return I would be too. What?? Can they do that??

Well regardless whether they can… they did. And I didn’t fight it.

The Mr. was pressing me to push the issue and fight, but honestly deep in my heart I knew that this was the best thing that could happen. Fortunately, we’re in a great position due to all the great saving the Mr. has forced us to do and we live a life below our means. So if I don’t get a steady paycheck it’s really not going to hold us back. (This also speaks to how little they paid me.)

This is why you MUST PREPARE FINANCIALLY! So when one door closed, Household Hero opened.

I’m happy to say that going forward, I plan to never work for anyone but my family again. That’s my plan. As my mother in law would say “don’t let this define you, use it as an opportunity… a stepping stone to something better”. And that’s what I plan to do. Thanks MomPat… you gave me the answer I was looking for so desperately.

On this blog I plan to share all the little things we do to keep our household living an eco-friendly, budget conscious, love-filled life. Stay tuned, this could be your year to see a door close. In a good way of course.


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