Classroom Valentines + FREE Printable!

My daughter, Bug, as I affectionately call her, goes to “school” aka daycare disguised as preschool. She loves it. They teach her far more than I would ever know to even try to teach her and I think the social aspect of it has been great for her shy personality.

Holidays of course the school always does a little party. Inevitably her cubby is always chock full of little baggies of gifts from her classmates with overly ambitious mothers. I always struggle with this for a few reasons…

  1. Bug is only 2.5. She likes gifts but quickly forgets about them. I ate most of her halloween candy for her because she forgot about it by the next day.
  2. Why waste the money?
  3. Am I a good mom or a bitter, horrible witch?
  4. What is something small an inexpensive that will satiate my need to feel like a good mom?

So I came up with the idea (inspired by my pinterest addiction) to just give a small card with one piece of chocolate or treat on it. Download a blank version here: Valentines Day Classroom Postcard Blank. Print it out and slap on a Dove Chocolate or one of these Marshmallow Hearts I got at Walmart (6 for $1).  Voila! No more guilt!


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