Nightmare Superbowl + a Breastfeeding Tip!

It was all going well. The chili was on the stove, the kids were playing and the family was all tucked into the couch for the big game.

And then I did something really stupid.

I mean no one was needing me at that moment… so I stole a bowl of chili and a few moments to myself. I sat. I enjoyed silence in the kitchen while I ate a steaming bowl of chili. And then, just as quickly as it came, the moment of peace was gone. I always appreciate them however fleeting they may be. I breastfed little bug and started to get things ready for the family to enjoy their own meal.

And then the crying started.

Little bug started SCREAMING… I mean she is normally a great baby so this is very uncommon. Maybe she’s tired? I thought to myself. After about 20 minutes of no success in calming her down it finally came to me.

The chili. The beans in the chili. OH MY FRIGGIN LANTA. (I don’t normally say that… it usually has curse words with it but I figured I’d tone it down for ya.)

She screamed… and screamed. This went on for an hour solid. I felt so awful. I didn’t even watch the second half of the game. I just held her while her stiff little body writhed in agony and promised myself I’d never eat beans again while I was breastfeeding. Poor kid. It’s not her fault!

Finally after a bottle of formula and a lot of tears she fell asleep.

And now there’s more than one reason to not eat beans. (The other has to do with MY gas problems after beans.)

PS – I also stay away from other gassy foods while I’m breastfeeding like Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Green Beans, Lentils and Ice Cream. Just a tip for all you breastfeeding mothers out there!


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