Meeting a Rock Star vs. feeling like one (and everything else I learned in between…)

This past week I was thrilled to attend my first blogging conference, ever. Out of many firsts, one of my favorite moments was meeting Rock Stars… Rascal Flatts. (I told them to be funny).


Being the newbie made me “sweat like Patrick Ewing in the 4th quarter” (love Chris Rock) but in the end I believe going alone and not knowing anything or anyone was actually the best for me.

A few things I learned:

  • I’m not the first to start a blog: Meaning, everyone at some point has started.  To quote one of the speakers (my personal favorite from the weekend actually), Jon Acuff, “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle”. I felt so intimidated at first to be amongst so many who had more twitter followers than me, more blog followers, blog sponsors, affiliate relationships with brands, Facebook pages etc!!! (catching my breath). It’s futile to try and compare my little blog with theirs. What I realized is that once I submitted that I am new… and have a lot to learn. I let it all go. And I really learned. By the end of the weekend I was actually asking questions during sessions. (This is big.) I’m not the first to start a blog, no. But that doesn’t mean there’s not room for me.
  • I’m not lazy: At one point I started to list all of the things in my head that I’m disappointed that I don’t get done every day… and I said “how do I know that I’m really tired and not just lazy”. To which another woman responded “you have two young children, I highly doubt that you are lazy.” And she’s right. I put enormous pressure on myself to get so much done and really be superwoman. The truth is, just because I take a moment to myself to decompress and *gasp* watch Grey’s Anatomy or *gasp* BLOG, doesn’t make me lazy. It makes me a mother. Every once in a while we all have to TASAT. (Take a S*** and THINK) the S-word can be whatever you want… shower, seat, or really SH**. It doesn’t mean I’m lazy.
  • People need what I have to teach: One of the things I take pride in is our household finances. Speaking with many women, it became very clear to me that most feel unsure about how they are planning for their financial future. There were certainly many extremes, some are recovering from the recent housing crisis and some are visiting Dave Ramsey to declare their ever growing devotion as they become debt free. But most are somewhere in between, making it work but very certain they should do more to plan for the future. I’m taking that opportunity to teach you what I know. Look for more posts coming up about how to manage your financial future and feel confident about it. I have it to teach and I’m glad to help you learn.
  • Knowing there’s an audience makes me feel like a Rock Star: It was difficult for me to start this without knowing exactly what my audience wants to hear. Finding that there’s an audience for talking about money is what really sang to me during this weekend of meeting so many others just like me. I can’t wait to share with you all the things my husband and I do to build towards our dream of owning a farm someday. The best part is, we’ve figured out a way to turn our dreams into reality, and I’m glad to share that with you. That makes me feel like a Rock Star too.

“Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle”. – Jon Acuff

I won’t now. Will you?


6 thoughts on “Meeting a Rock Star vs. feeling like one (and everything else I learned in between…)

  1. Samantha, I laughed out loud when I read TASAT. Love it! That spoke so loudly to me. Every day I feel lazy but I’m running after two small children. Thank you for declaring that we are not lazy. Makes me feel better. I am so excited about your blog and learning about household finances. I really want to grab hold of this for our future. Looking forward to reading more!

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