Finding extra $$ for the holidays: Tip 1

The holidays present an unusual challenge for those of us who budget. Gifting is usually a reality for most of us and finding that extra money without dipping into savings can be challenging. I thought I’d post a few areas where you can save small amounts to make a big impact. The first area that I’ve found will probably surprise you.

save money on water


The folks over at PUR sent me a faucet filter to try and express my opinion about it. I do have opinions but first, let me give you some info.

Did you know:

  • Carbonated Soft Drinks outsell Bottled Water by over 5 to 1 in North America. reference
  • In California, nearly half of children ages 2 to 11 drink at least one soda or sugar-sweetened drink daily. reference
  • Filtered water can cost 93% less than bottled water. reference
  • Even if you recycle plastic bottles, most of the environmental impact comes from the manufacturing and transportation of bottled water. reference
  • A family of 4 ideally consumes 200+ oz of water per day. If you were to switch from soda and bottled water to a filter like a PUR faucet filter, then your annual savings would be $670.22.
  • Drinking unfiltered water can expose you to heavy metals, trace levels of pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, and other awful stuff. reference

My experience:

We typically do not purchase bottled water or soda. Every now and then a few sports drinks enter the door and occasionally a fountain soda, but generally we are a water household. Our kids do not drink much juice, and I even requested that they only be given water or milk at school. The result of this environment is that I have kids who like water and even ask for it. We drink strictly out of the filter from our refrigerator. However, if you have one of these, then you know the filters are TERRIBLY expensive. So when the folks at PUR suggested a different filter solution I was very open to it. Here are the things that I like:

  1. It is easy to use. Even my kids understand the concept of turning on the faucet and since we wash hands in the kitchen they already have a stool to stand on. The refrigerator dispenser is harder for them to reach. 
  2. I can control the temperature. The refrigerator filter water comes out cold. I generally like this except when making formula bottles. For that instance I need room temperature and previously I just used unfiltered water. (now that I’ve done the research on unfiltered water this kind of makes me feel icky and sad that I exposed my babies to all those contaminants.)
  3. The replacement filters are cheap. Right now you can get a full year of filters for $50 on the PUR site. I generally have to replace my refrigerator filter 2-3 times per year which each cost at least $50 each filter. You know how I love to save money.
  4. It removes mercury. If you do your research on your water supply and what is in your water (even your bottled or filtered water) then you will probably be as shocked as I was to find that mercury can get into the water supply and this can cause kidney damage. Other brand name filters do not take it out. PUR does.  reference

Bottom line. I try hard to walk the line between saving money and still being healthy. Some things are not the absolute cheapest option. But I firmly believe that drinking filtered water is an area where the reward outweighs the small cost. So do us all a favor and stop buying bottled soda and water. Start drinking from your faucet. Put the money you save into the jug or your holiday spending budget. I don’t know about you, I could use an extra $670/year.

I mean really, saving some moola around the holidays is always nice. Right?

What do you think?

Disclosure: The kind folks at PUR sent me a faucet filter to review, free of charge. I was not compensated in any way and all my opinions, if you couldn’t already tell, are my own. 


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