Classroom Valentines + FREE Printable!

My daughter, Bug, as I affectionately call her, goes to “school” aka daycare disguised as preschool. She loves it. They teach her far more than I would ever know to even try to teach her and I think the social aspect of it has been great for her shy personality.

Holidays of course the school always does a little party. Inevitably her cubby is always chock full of little baggies of gifts from her classmates with overly ambitious mothers. I always struggle with this for a few reasons…

  1. Bug is only 2.5. She likes gifts but quickly forgets about them. I ate most of her halloween candy for her because she forgot about it by the next day.
  2. Why waste the money?
  3. Am I a good mom or a bitter, horrible witch?
  4. What is something small an inexpensive that will satiate my need to feel like a good mom?

So I came up with the idea (inspired by my pinterest addiction) to just give a small card with one piece of chocolate or treat on it. Download a blank version here: Valentines Day Classroom Postcard Blank. Print it out and slap on a Dove Chocolate or one of these Marshmallow Hearts I got at Walmart (6 for $1).  Voila! No more guilt!


Free Printable Bag Topper for Christmas Holidays!

The best gift ever is one that you make (in my opinion… well actually unless what you make is a box of rocks… that would NOT be the best gift ever) and here is a little gift from me this year. A FREE printable bag topper.

Make some goodies… like cookies or peppermint bark and put them in a 4×6 cello bag. Chop off the excess top part of the bag and fold this baby over and voila!

Download the bag topper below:


Go make some break & bake cookies like these and give them to all your neighbors. Now you’re the hero of your household AND your whole block. Next step… world domination.

(Please be respectful and don’t post this as your own work. For personal use only, not commercial. Don’t sell it and make money off my generosity… you won’t like me when I’m angry)