Knocked up: Cutting the cost of maternity clothes

Once upon a time there was a pregnant woman. She soon realized she couldn’t wear her “fat” jeans for long and had to buy real maternity clothes. She went to the store and bought an entire new wardrobe and spent a ridiculous amount of money. She then went home, poor. Sound familiar?

When I became pregnant with our first child I was pretty excited about having the belly. I wanted to wear cute maternity clothes and I hoped like crazy that I would be one of those cute pregnant women who only carried in her belly and not in her a$$. (I was neither… face and arms, bleh). Here’s a shot of me a few days before I gave birth to baby number two.

Notice the shirt barely covers me. Sigh.

I went from a Medium size to an Extra Large and almost a Double Extra Large within 6 months. What I didn’t realize was how many clothes I would go through over that 9 months. I know you all know where this is going so I will get there, fast.

It is nice to buy something for yourself to celebrate this moment in your life, but it shouldn’t be a strain on your household finances. Kids already add enough to the household budget, plus all the expenses of preparing for the child and paying for the medical bills associated. Maternity clothes is one thing for which I can offer a solution.

My sister was pregnant before me, and before her so were many of her friends. They simply saved their maternity clothes, put them into a trash bag and every time someone was pregnant, the trash bag migrated to their house. I would always purchase a few things of my own during my pregnancies and at the end, I would deposit those into the trash bag for someone else to enjoy. For at least 6 women I am aware of, the burden of purchasing everything new was relieved. With my second child I only purchased 5 new items! (most of those were late in the pregnancy when nothing would fit because I was having “giganta-baby”.)

Here are a few ideas to help reduce the cost of maternity clothes during one of the most exciting and expensive times in your life: Continue reading