Meeting a Rock Star vs. feeling like one (and everything else I learned in between…)

This past week I was thrilled to attend my first blogging conference, ever. Out of many firsts, one of my favorite moments was meeting Rock Stars… Rascal Flatts. (I told them to be funny).


Being the newbie made me “sweat like Patrick Ewing in the 4th quarter” (love Chris Rock) but in the end I believe going alone and not knowing anything or anyone was actually the best for me.

A few things I learned: Continue reading


Polyvore: my new obsession

So in my last-ditch effort to avoid looking disheveled and totally out of my league at a blogging conference this week (Blissdom), I have researched outfits on Pinterest… which led me to my newest obsession, Polyvore.

Am I late to the party once again? This is like dress up dolls for adults! You can follow people and “love” the sets they put together. I am very fashion challenged so this is actually the most helpful for me. I even created my own “set” (aka outfit).

I think between this and Pinterest I just severely cut into my Facebook time. Leave a link to your Polyvore account and I will follow you!

If you want to follow me here are the links:
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Blissdom: Wanted! A Genuine Person to Eat Lunch With.

This is my First Blissdom!

Next week it starts. Hundreds of women… creative, fun, giggly bloggers… will invade Nashville.

Blissdom Conference for Bloggers is an annual event hosted right in my town of Nashville. The Gaylord Opryland hosts this great event where women come from all over the country… world… together for a few days to talk about their blogs.

But the more I read about it and prepare, the more I am starting to get anxious. What should I wear? What sessions are best for me since I just started? Will there be anyone to eat lunch with? 

And I realize now that I’m not alone. Many women are frightened at the thought of meeting their peers and feeling inferior. It’s like going back to the first day of high school when you knew it was better to act cool on the outside and pretend you didn’t care if anyone sat by you at lunch. But secretly just below the surface your heart is pounding and your eyes are searching for someone to connect with so you won’t be alone. I know this is going to be me. When in doubt I can see myself checking my phone too often… tweeting people and looking at Facebook just to look like I’m busy. But let’s face it. I’ll be secretly searching for a friend.

I always wanted to be in the cool crowd in high school. And if you ask my high school classmates they would probably tell you that I was in the cool crowd. The truth is I fluttered on the edge. I desperately wanted to be the center, the nucleus which determined the direction of the whole. However, I never felt in control. I felt like I followed the crowd around and used humor to prove my worthiness. That’s right. I was the “funny” one. Class Clown. Sarcastic Sam… that’s me.

But let’s be honest, cool crowds are overrated. So for this experience I am going to push that out of my mind and just search for the genuine people. I want to be amongst the supportive, sweet and genuine ones. Forget you cool crowd.

So there I will be. Eyes darting from here to there as I walk amongst hundreds of women with better outfits, better ideas and better blogs, searching for a genuine person or two that I can latch myself to so I won’t eat alone. I promise if it’s you, I will make you laugh. I make myself laugh all the time. I’m actually quite a hoot to be around. I’m just horrible at the initial introduction part.

Hi, whoever you are out there… future friend. I’m Sam. Sam I… nevermind. Will you eat lunch with me?

I will report back on whether or not I find a few good friends or eat lunch alone. Hopefully it’s the former.