Polyvore: my new obsession

So in my last-ditch effort to avoid looking disheveled and totally out of my league at a blogging conference this week (Blissdom), I have researched outfits on Pinterest… which led me to my newest obsession, Polyvore.

Am I late to the party once again? This is like dress up dolls for adults! You can follow people and “love” the sets they put together. I am very fashion challenged so this is actually the most helpful for me. I even created my own “set” (aka outfit).

I think between this and Pinterest I just severely cut into my Facebook time. Leave a link to your Polyvore account and I will follow you!

If you want to follow me here are the links:
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Welcome to Household Hero, my new blog

Hi! I’m Sam. Sam I …. nevermind.

I’m starting this blog as a way to channel all my creative energy. I recently have found myself with a lot of free time (aka I’m a mom of 2 little ones, note the sarcasm) and to help me make sense of it all I decided that I might as well share the journey with the blogosphere. My hope is to document all the ways that I run our household in an effort to show you that you CAN be eco-friendly, budget-conscious and creative with minimal effort. My goal in life is to find a way to live freely, love a lot and provide for my family. Come along with me, it’s going to be a fun ride.

I’m no hero, but if I’m super at anything it’s humor. Embrace it. You’ll get a lot more where that came from.

Learn more about me here.