My experience with Weight Watchers

Me at CHA with 4 Week Old Baby #3

Me at a conference with baby #3 in tow. 4 weeks old. I weighed about 165lbs here.

You know I’ve never been the super skinny one. I’ve always been tall and pretty solid. I wouldn’t say I was fat by any means but also certainly not a thin person. When I got married, in fact, I was almost at my heaviest.

After baby number three though, I decided to try Weight Watchers. I’d tried everything else and frankly just never stuck with it. Here has been my progress:

  • Baby Pregnancy Weight: 190lbs
  • 2 Weeks Post Baby: 170lbs
  • 3 Months Post Baby: 160lbs
  • Weight Watchers Starting Weight: 159.5lbs
  • Current Weight: 149lbs
  • Lowest Weight: 144.5lbs
  • Goal Weight: 140lbs

I’ve found that it’s actually pretty easy to get back down below 145lbs. I have to be really on track for about 2 weeks to get there. My goal weight currently is 140lbs. That would be really thin for me, probably less than high school. But I figure, what the hell, might as well try.

Me and My Sister

Me (left) and my sister last weekend. I weigh about 148lbs here.

My journey of weight lost has been going on for so long. I think because I’m tall, I never seem to actually have a dramatic before and after. My face looks thinner and my waist is smaller. My dress size is slightly smaller though I can still wear most of my clothes.

Why Weight Watchers? I’ve tried a few, and learned from each experience. Below is the different diets I tried and the success or failure I saw.

  1. South Beach Diet – I lost about 30 pounds on this diet about 10 years ago. I loved the simplicity of it and based on the recommendation from a friend I stayed on the Phase 1 portion longer to lose more weight initially. The difficult parts for me are the limits on alcohol and the strict limits on bread. I did not go back to this diet mostly because it would not be something my kids could do with me and making separate meals for me was not realistic.
  2. Paleo – I went on this diet mostly for the health effects. I did not lose any weight, however I did find that my digestive tract was much more in shape. I learned how much better I feel when I avoid tons of gluten and other grains. The amount of fat in this diet, though, really got to me and the requirement to use all organic meat I found was difficult to sustain both financially and practically (most meat which actually qualifies is not readily available).
  3. Weight Watchers– I was extremely skeptical. I did not think I would get into counting points and I felt the arduous nature of it would keep me from doing it. It was the opposite. The App makes it extremely easy. I would plan ahead and try to do as many meals for zero or few points as I could and then have a big meal at night with my family. I found I actually started monitoring certain things which would add points to my daily total which were not worth it. It also has been extremely helpful in eating out. I can go to a restaurant and most chains are already loaded in. Even if it’s not, I can typically build my options in the app. I have three kids under the age of five and I was able to fit it in. I’ve lost about 10 pounds which was weight that had plagued me since college (15 years). I’d say that’s a success.

Is Weight Watchers hard to do with children?

Yes and No. I’ve found many recipes on their site which are suitable and tasty for kids. My children still enjoy spaghetti and meatballs and often request things like McDonald’s which is not the most WW friendly. However, I can usually find something there OR I will just splurge and make it up later.

Where do you find recipes?

What has helped you lose weight? Any favorite recipes? I’d love to try them!

 I was not asked or paid by anyone at Weight Watchers to do this post. I simply had success and thought you might like to hear what my experience with it has been since I was so skeptical. The links to the Weight Watchers site is a referral link.